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Top-View Coils Products Co Ltd.
Top-View Coils Products Co Ltd. Preview Staging
Top-View Coils Products Co., Ltd founded in 1985,specialize manufacturing of Inductors Coils, Peaking Coils, Toroidal Coils, Transformers, SMD's Devices and Filters Choke Coils.

  • Historic Background

    Our company established in Hong Kong since 1985. With rapid development, our workshop moved to China since 1988 named "Top-View Coils Factory" solely for Watch Choke Coils and Peaking Coils, in sense of Great Mainland Business, An fully automatic equipping international standardize coils manufacturing factory "Dongguan Top-View Electronics Components Limited" built up in China Dongguan at year 2001,specialize in making Inductor Coils, Transformers and large range of Choke coils. Providing customers high quality, prompt delivery and services.

  • Area of our plant in China PRC

    Dongguan Top-View Electronics Components Limited
    Dongguan Top-View Coils Factory

    50,000 sq meter includes:
    - 30,000 sq meter of production line.
    - 7,000 sq meter of entertainment plant.
    - 5,000 sq meter for R & D Department
    - 8,000 sq meter for future development.

  • Our Main Products

    - Fixed Inductor Coils.
    - Electronics Transformers
    - Watch Choke Coils.
    - Peaking Coils.
    - Toroidal Coils.
    - Surface Mounted Choke Coils.
    - Axial Lead Coils.
    - Rods Coils.
    - Intermediate Frequency Transformers.
    - Spring Coils.
    - SMD's Devices.
    - Filters Chokes.

  • Monthly Capacity

    - Inductors Coils, Peaking Coils, Axial Coils, Rods Coils, Spring Coils totally output of 20,000,000 pieces monthly.
    - Toroidal Coils, Transformers and SMD's Devices output of 10,000,000 pieces monthly.

  • International Markets

    - 40% local markets.
    - 60% markets at USA, Singapore, Korea, Japan and others European countries.

  • Environmental Materials

    - All of our products fulfill the requirement of "RoHs" policy in all green parts components manufacturing.

  • Quality assurance
    - We conform to the Quality Management System Standard of ISO 9001:2000
    DNV Certificate No. 0132-1999-AQ-RGC-RvA

    Our mission is to consistently provide high quality products and services to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

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    Top-View should be your BEST choice. Please contact us for more information.
    Tel: (852) 2699 1136
    Fax: (852) 2694 0532

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Yours faithfully,

    Top-View Coils Products Co., Ltd
    Anita Tse
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    • Business Type:
    • Manufacturer
    • Country:
    • Hong Kong (China)

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    • Top-View Coils Products Co Ltd.
    • Country:
    • Hong Kong (China)
    • Address:
    • Flat C, 21/F., Glee Industrial Building, Chai Wan Kok St., Tsuen Wan, NT, Hong Kong
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