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Seller Services

Advertise on a global scale

  • - on-line product showroom More than 350,000 Buyers from over 200 countries source for products and sellers here, with over 350,000 products (with photos) displayed.
  • Homepage design and hosting Tradeeasy enables you, as a seller, to customize your own homepage, you're your own domain name. These state-of-the-art features generate tailor-made homepages, with password protection for your own buyers and your own membership system. We will also submit your homepage to major search engines worldwide.
  • Sourcing Directories - Tradeeasy has designed 2 sourcing directories for different industries (i.e. 1. Apparel and Accessories, 2. Gift, Toys, Electronics and Household) which are specifically structured for the industries:

    1. No messy layout: only products photos and company information are listed. No tacky conceptual "company image" stuff which confuses you from understanding the strength of the manufacturers.
    2. Comprehensive company information: company's useful information including no. of workers, production capacity, current principal customers, factory audit history etc are precisely listed as we believe those information are essential for buyers' decision making process.
    3. Hong Kong / China: the directory covers both China and Hong Kong manufacturers, a good balance, which offers buyers a choice of companies with experience in handling private labels and companies that can meet budget.

Follow through with Buyers

My Tradeeasy - Being registered as Tradeeasy Seller Member, we will assign a personalized "My Tradeeasy" platform to you. When you log in your "My Tradeeasy" platform with your email address and password, you are able to edit your company profile and contact details held at Tradeasy, your areas and/ or products of interest so as to receive our Trade Alert, and have 24/7 access to:

  • Message Center - this is the primary negotiation platform for you and your buyers, storing ALL INCOMING AND OUTGOING MESSAGES. Messages generated from, Buying Leads, Selling Leads, Trade Alert services will all be stored in Message Center, enabling you to see the entire negotiation process.
  • Trade Alert - Trade Alert is a customized online product library with an ongoing, automatic matching with your chosen category / categories for sourcing. Once a match for your required item(s) is found, the relevant information on the supplier(s) will automatically be forwarded to you for your evaluation. Moreover, you will receive up-to-date lists of trade leads, which include details of new suppliers.
  • Buying Lead - ad-hoc and urgent sourcing requirements are catered to with this feature. You will be able to check alternative offers and accordingly compare prices. Replies to your offer(s) will automatically be dispatched to you for your review.
  • Selling Lead - ad-hoc and urgent selling requirements are catered to with this feature. You will be able to check for the feedback . All replies will automatically be dispatched to you for your review.

Do business globally and actively

  • e-IMS

    With the e-IMS messaging system, proactive steps to contact buyers can be taken. You can actively inform buyers of your latest products, offers and activities in a timely manner and on a regular basis.

    E-IMS is a proprietary software feature which enables you to handle a wide spread of communications and obtain detailed analysis on buyer behavior.

To meet buyers face-to-face

  • Trade Shows

    We participate in the prominent international trade shows every year. As a member, you are welcome to join us and bring your products. We will invite buyers to our booth, recruit professional translators and meet with buyers face-to-face, assisting you in presenting and discussing your products.


  • Procurement Meetings

    To tightly ensure strong relationships, we organize Procurement Meetings between you and clients from our buyer database. Every month, more than 300 of our sellers meet in person with our buyers in Hong Kong or in China to discuss their products in greater detail. This face-to-face communication ensures a higher success rate, and these meetings often conclude with the placement of orders by our buyers.

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