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Why Tradeeasy?

The fundamental

Tradeeasy is an international trade enabler providing free on-line and off-line sourcing services to a world-wide community of over 350,000 buyers. With over 200 sales and customer service representatives visiting and pre-qualifying over 15,000 suppliers in China every month, we are able to supply comprehensive company information and over 350,000 product photos (Keyword Search).

On-line, we cater to over 30,000 inquiries from buyers every month and organise more than 8,000 transactions and/or meetings. Our off-line activities include showcasing more than 400 sellers' products in overseas trade shows, thereby meeting with over 20,000 new buyers. Every year, some 1,000 buyers meet with over 10,000 pre-qualified sellers face-to-face in Hong Kong or in China in meetings that we coordinate.

The Value-Added

Simply put, we believe that we are the best of breed in our industry. As an international trade enabler, we are able to provide end-to-end coverage of all the phases necessary in meeting your sourcing needs.

  • We know international trade - our Buyer Service Department is staffed with professionals and industry people that understand your specific needs. Having operated in the China market for over a decade, we are uniquely positioned to access the right suppliers.
  • Comprehensive and conscientious follow-through - from the first step to the transaction close your procurement needs will not be left unattended.
  • A cutting-edge combination of technology and people - we understand that your needs are best served with personal attention, coupled with the necessary technology to deliver effective service. Our Buyer Service Department is accordingly just a phone call, fax or email away. We also provide off-line support - supplier meetings, factory audits, negotiations and discussions can all be carried out according to your specifications.

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