Wing Shing Cassette Mfy. Ltd.

Company Name
Wing Shing Cassette Mfy. Ltd.
Member Name
William Sze
Hong Kong (China)
Audio Visual Products,Consumer Electronics,Telecommunication Products,Electronic Parts
Product Supplied
Audio/Video Tape, CD Replication, CD/DVD Recordable Disc, Cd-Rom / Cd Recordable Disc, Floppy Disk,Electronic Parts,iPod accessories,Noise Reduction Headsets,Portable Media Player,Audio/Video Cable
Wing Shing Cassette Mfy. Ltd.

Founded in 1977, Wing Shing Cassette Mfy., Ltd. is one of the leading cassette manufacturers in Hong Kong . Wing Shing production facilities include a 180,000 square feet factory in Shenzhen and 30,000 square feet factory in Hong Kong.

Wing Shing started out by manufacturing Video and Audio Cassettes, it quickly built a strong reputation as one of the most reliable OEM manufacturers in the industry. Anticipating the arrival of the computer era, Wing Shing began manufacturing 3.5" floppy disks in year 1992.

Since year 1997-2000, Wing Shing has been famous and very successful in the CDs industry. Wing Shing has installed up to 40 production lines for just CDs alone during that period. After 2000, Wing Shing has started to provide CD and DVD storage cases to meet with the market's demand. Wing Shing has installed over 150 production lines in Shenzhen factory for providing CD and DVD storage cases for the worldwide market. During the period of 1997 to 2007, its quality products and trustworthy reputation is quickly well recognized in the media storage industry.

With over 30 years fast pace of changing in technology, in order to cope with the market's changing needs and demand, Wing Shing have also used lots of resources for investment in the R&D system of different potential consumer electronic items under it's own brand. In the near future, Wing Shing will continue to provide innovative designs of consumer electronic products, media storage and packaging solutions to our worldwide clients.