SkyPro International Trading Co.

Company Name
SkyPro International Trading Co.
Member Name
Eleanor Wong
Hong Kong (China)
Watches,Consumer Electronics,Personal Use Daily items,Sports & Hobbies Goods,Telecommunication Products,Toys,Promotional Items,Stationeries,Kitchen Supplies
Product Supplied
Chess Set, Flying Chess, Cutlery, Cutlery Set, Stainless Steel, Games, Gift Item, Plastic, Handsfree Kit For Mobile Phone, Key Chain, Keychain, Keychain, Metal, Keychain, With Laser Pointer, Lamp, Promotional , Clip Lamp, Lighter, Outdoor Games Set, Pen, Pen, Ball-Point, Pen, Promotional
Tradeeasy - A Place to Recruit Long-Term Customers
Technology has changed traditional ways of running a business. To cope with the changing times and capture more business opportunities, it is important to take the bold first step.

"We've joined Tradeeasy for just under a year. At first we didn't quite know what to do as we were new to this. However, because the Traddeasy consultants were very helpful, patiently explaining the various functions, we caught up pretty fast. We also had doubts about the value of Tradeeasy's services, but after having used them for a while we realize that not only do they help our business, they are always helpful and good at problem-solving."

Moving away from the traditional model, Skypro also discovered a more effective way of promoting their business. "We take part in Tradeeasy's Procurement Meetings, and have so far kept in contact with the buyers we have met. Some of them have even begun placing orders. San Miguel is one of our long-term customers we met through Tradeeasy. Now we do business on a monthly basis and we are very pleased."

We have thought about the pros and cons of continuing to work with Tradeeasy - after all it does cost tens of thousands of dollars a year. However, the return from the customers' orders far exceeds the cost, so I think we will remain a quality Tradeeasy Seller Member."

Ms. Eleanor Wong, Marketing Manager
Skypro International Trading Company