Shenzhen Gaoxinqi Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Name
Shenzhen Gaoxinqi Technology Co., Ltd.
Member Name
Ruiqiang Xu
Household Appliances,Telecommunication Products
Product Supplied
Basic One-Piece Telephone, Telephone Set, Caller Id Device, Phone, Cordless Telephone, Telephone, Phone, Multi-Function Telephone, Telephone, Phone, Basic One-Piece Telephone, Telephone, Phone, Caller Id Telephone, Caller Id Feature Phone
Tradeeasy - Early e-Trade Partners Since 2001
We have been manufacturing Telephone and Telecommunications Equipment since May 1997. At present, we have 2,000 workers producing more than 100 different models of phones: Household and Office use telephones, 46/49MHZ Cordless Phones, Answering Machines, SMS Series, Fax Machines and 900MHZ~2 Cordless Phones. We have been in the export business for four years and have earned a good reputation from all our customers worldwide.

"We began doing business with the buyers from Tradeeasy as early as July 2001. We have, as a result, dealt with some big French Chain Stores, Importers, Mail Order Companies, constantly receiving orders of 80,000 pieces per month."

"Tradeeasy provides us with excellent service in the form of up-to-date buyers' information. Quantity and quality are ever progressing."