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List of Cd-Rom / Cd Recordable Disc Buying Leads by Category

Lists of overseas Cd-Rom / Cd Recordable Disc Buyers enquiries are sorted out for your reference. Please have a look and inquire now respectively.
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  • Cd Recordable Disc

    Will purchase 1,000 - 3,000 pcs blank CD-Rs on regular basis.

    USA - Retail store

  • CD-R

    CD-R 700MB, 80min, A grade

    Hong Kong - Importer/Exporter

  • CD-R

    CD-R, Silver/Diamond, welcome any brand name.

    Mexico - Importer

  • CD-R/52x/800mb/90min

    - CD-R/52x/800mb/90min - packing has to be a plastic cover which is transparent at the front. - there should be an insert card which is 4 color ...

    Germany - Importer

  • CD-R

    we need blank cd-r media on urgent basis

    Pakistan - Importer/Exporter

  • CDR's

    We are interested in purchasing these items in large qty so pls reply to me and I'll contact you personally CD replication CD recorders CD ...

    Malaysia - Importer

  • Above and CD Movies And Playstations

    Computer Parts + CD Movies + PlayStations

    Jordan - Importer

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Top Hino Ltd.
We are a medium size manufacturer of ladies woven wear in HK, and our factory is located in Shenzhen,China we can provide good quality products at ...

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