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List of Glass Mug Buying Leads by Category

Lists of overseas Glass Mug Buyers enquiries are sorted out for your reference. Please have a look and inquire now respectively.
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  • Drinking glass

    Drinking glass -Materials: glass -various sizes -For daily use and decoration -Price depends on product designs -2,000-5,000pcs/style; total styles ...

    Hong Kong - Importer

    This buyer would not like to disclose his contact information.

  • Drink Glasses

    -Product: Drink GlassesMaterial - glass -Qty - 50.000 pcs.- 100.000 pcs. -Models - like in the photos attached -Sizes and capacity - as in the file ...

    Belgium - Importer

  • Glassware

    Looking for glass vases, glassware or art ceramics with highly competitive price.

    Canada - Importer

  • Glass Products

    Sourcing quality manufactures / suppliers that can make the glass products (as shown in attached photo).

    Hong Kong - Importer/Exporter

  • Triangle Glass Plates

    Looking for triangle glass plates with color edges as shown in the attached photos. Size is 26 and 32 cm, the thickness of the glass is 5mm.

    Israel - Importer

  • CJ Drink 'n Chase

    This product is just a fancy shot glass. It has two sections: the bottom (a larger section) can hold about 2 oz. of liquid and is used to put a " ...

    USA - Importer

  • MUG


    Canada - Buying office

  • mug

    mugs with new design and unusual looking

    Saudi Arabia - Importer/Exporter

  • Coffee Mug

    16oz seethrough acrylic coffee mug with 4 colour imprint on 2 sides. Please advise lead time for delivery and packing details.

    Hong Kong - Importer/Exporter

  • Glass cup with 12cm height and 5.5cm diameter

    Glass cup. Size: 5.5 to 7cm diameter and 12 to 13 cm height

    Chile - Importer


    Remark: Plesse contact us for picture of this product. PRODUCT : "Heineken" Glasses in Sets/two pieces per gift box. QUANTITY : ...

    Australia - Buying Agent

  • Drinking Glasses

    Drinking glasses w/ 2 sided, 2 color imprint 4 different decal designs, 11 oz, gift pk of 4

    USA - Importer

  • glass mug

    frozen mug - C-handle mug, frozen surface diameter: approx. 80 mm height: approx. 97 mm capacity: approx 0,35 l packing: 36 pcs. in one export box

    Germany - Importer/Exporter

  • ceramic mug

    ceramic mug, white diameter: approx. 80 mm height: approx. 95 mm capacity. approx. 0,25 l packing: 26 pcs in export box

    Germany - Importer/Exporter

  • Glass Mug

    size : 7.5 x H13 cm color : clear we do not need the color box. we are looking for the cheap glass.

    Japan - Importer

  • Dinner sets, Tea Sets, Glasses, Cups, Full plates,

    For normal home use such as plates, quarter plates, tea sets, dinner sets complete range, rice plates, big bowls, small bowls etc etc Packing as ...

    India - Importer

  • Household items

    Dear sir/madam, We require your assistance to the following enquiry: Our clients is interested considering products with the following brief ...

    Australia - Importer/Exporter

  • Drinking Glasses

    We are looking for manufacturers of drinking glasses in 20 oz capacity, clear/transparent or frosted glass, quantity of 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 pcs. ...

    Australia - Importer/Exporter

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