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List of Clock Suppliers by Category

Lists of Hong Kong & China Clock Manufacturers, Suppliers, Traders & Exporters are sorted out for your reference. Please have a look and inquire now respectively.
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  • Novelin Limited

    Novelin specializes in innovative product commercialization, research and development (R&D) of patent technology, costing evaluation of solution, ... - Hong Kong Clock supplier

    [Related Categories: Clock Radio, Calendar Clock, Alarm Clock]

  • Hand Win Development Ltd.

    Hand Win Development Ltd. incorporated in 1988 specializes in the exportation for Japan market. We got more than 15 years in products sourcing for ...

    Hong Kong Clock supplier

    [Related Categories: Wall Clock, Wooden Clock]

  • Pekhai Trading Co., Ltd.

    We, The Pekhai Trading Co., Ltd., Established Office In Hong Kong In 1950 With An Authorized Capital Of Hk$1, 000, 000.00 And The Current Assets ... - Hong Kong Clock supplier

    [Related Categories: iPad Accessories, Electronic Scale, Flashlight]

  • Windix Industries Ltd.

    Windix was founded in 1988, a Hong Kong base company with own factory located in DongGuan China. The factory has occupied and area of 210,000 ... - Hong Kong Clock supplier

    [Related Categories: LCD Clock, Clock Radio, Wall Clock]
  • DNP Industrial Co., Ltd.

    DNP IND CO LTD is a clocks manufacturer based in Hong Kong, production in China, with a good reputation in the gifts & premium industry. We ... - Hong Kong Clock supplier

    [Related Categories: Wall Clock, LCD Clock, Alarm Clock]
  • Capital Profit Industrial Limited

    Capital Profit Industrial Ltd. was founded in 1993. Employing above 500 skilled workers and occupying around 15,000 square meter high-power factory ... - Hong Kong Clock supplier

    [Related Categories: Stopwatch & Timer, Desktop Clock, Wall Clock]
  • Kartell Industrial Limited

    Since 1999, Kartell Ind Ltd has been well known for supplying manufacturing solutions to their global customers from either its proprietary ... - Hong Kong Clock supplier

    [Related Categories: Desktop Clock, Bathroom Clock, Alarm Clock]
  • Kwong Ming Woods Stand Factory

    With more than 40 year of experience, we are a well-established manufacturer and exporter of fine quality WOODEN STANDS. We have serveral teams of ...

    Hong Kong Clock supplier

    [Related Categories: Desktop Clock]
  • Tung Ying Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Tung Ying is a family owned business with over twenty years in the manufacturing sector. It has evolved from a small group of engineers who ... - Hong Kong Clock supplier

  • J Concepts Industrial Limited

    J Concepts Industrial Ltd. manufactures bell alarm clocks of various designs. For the simple and classic all the way to the elaborately designed ... - Hong Kong Clock supplier

  • Ozone Industries Company Ltd

    Ozone Industries Company Ltd . is one of the Hong Kong leading clock manufacturer, we specialize in manufacturing of alarm clock, wall clock, ...

    Hong Kong Clock supplier

  • Shine Leader Industrial Ltd

    "SHINE LEADER INDUSTRIAL LIMITED." is a comprehensive and well established manufacturer in small home appliances for more than 30 years. We have ...; - Hong Kong Clock supplier

  • Product Innovator Ltd.

    Creative ideas for modern-day living&hellip > > Who We Are&hellip > Established in 1996, Product Innovator Ltd is a Hong Kong-based company ...<br> - Hong Kong Clock supplier

  • Newcrest industry limited

    Established in 2002year, NewCrest electronic Co., Ltd. is specializing in manufacturing electronic gifts, such as chargers,calendar,speaker and ...

    China Clock supplier

  • V-link Industry Co., Ltd.

    V-link Industry Co.,Ltd. is located in Shenzhen City, with the advantage of convenient transportation. V-link is a manufacturer of different crafts ...

    China Clock supplier

  • Kenko International Company Limited

    Our group Sunway Holdings Limited is a professional electronic consumer manufacturer with over 25 years business experience, and has become one ... - Hong Kong Clock supplier

  • Guangzhou Fuda Watch & Clock Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Guangzhou Fuda Clock Group was established in 1989, formerly known as Guangzhou Guangqiang Clock Factory. It has now developed to be called ... - China Clock supplier

  • Ausbon Industrial Ltd

    Ausbon Group of Companies is set up as a manufacturing division of electronic products of its parent company, Yee King Industrial (Shen Zhen) Ltd., ... - Hong Kong Clock supplier

  • Palco International Ltd

    Founded in 1981, Eastern Progress Plastic & Electronic Manufactory is a well established manufacturer of plastic and electronic products. With a ... - Hong Kong Clock supplier

  • Best Time Manufacturing Limited

    BEST TIME MANUFACTURING LTD . is a well-experienced manufacturer of consumer electronics in Hong Kong with wholly owned factory located in ... - Hong Kong Clock supplier

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