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Hong Kong Manufacturer
Ketoz, Kapak
ISO 9001, 9002
60,000 pcs
Around 90 days
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China Manufacturer
Power generation by using biomass gas from rice husk, wood chips, saw dust, coconut husk, bagasse, straw and crop stalks can not only save electricity expenses in the production cost for rice mills and timber processing mills, but can also get benefits from the selling of surplus electric power to the power grid. Our biomass gasification equipment enjoys high conversion efficiency, by taking rice husk as an example, each kwh power generation consumes only 1.6~1.8kg rice husk, and the unit fuel consumption will be lower if wood chips or crop stalks are used. Water used for gas cleaning and cooling can be reused in a circulating way after being treated through water treatment facilities such as sediment ponds. It creates no environmental pollution and little make-up water will be needed Therefore, such a project is an ideal one with significant benefits for the area where there is a lot of discarded biomass resources but lack in electric power supply or with higher electricity expense. In general, the investment in the major equipment can be recovered from power generation benefits within the first two years., FUNCTION The main function of DZL Series of signal and double stage high-efficient vacuum oil purifier is to remove free and dissolved water, gases, and mechanical impurities from insulating oils so as to ensure its purity and improve its insulation property. It is suitable for the application to oil treatment 500KV super-voltage transforming equipment and 220KV transformers. It is also suitable for the treatment of capacitor oil, transformer oil and freezer oil. TECHNICAL FEATURES Doubles the evaporation area by adopting Fengyu horizontal double vacuum separation technology efficiently and reliability thorough removal of gas in the oil by using coalescing oil spray separator. Adoption of American fine filter element, fineness: 5μm, ß≥1000 Low noise and long life of the oil transport system Adoption of American heating technique with the way of thermal radiation, constant temperature control. The use of float valve and photoelectric oil level control, eliminates supervision Adoption of French de-foaming technique to avoid oil leaking Controlled digitally and automatically by PLC Major electric apparatus are imported from America, so the controlling system safe and reliable, FUNCTION Fengyu patented CK series vacuum evacuating device is widely used to create vacuum conditions in electrical, metallurgical, medical and mechanical industries. This device can obtain vacuum range from 133Pa to 5 Pa, with maximum vacuum pressure 5 Pa. It has the benefits of quick start up, high efficiency, reliability and easy operation. STRUCTURE & PRINCIPLE The machine is equipped with a Roots pump as its main pump and a rotary vacuum pump as the first stage pump. Between the first stop pump and main pump, there is an electromagnetic vacuum gas filling valve which will open and shut with the first stop pump. The machine is also equipped with an electronic vacuum gauge to observe and control vacuumized container’s vacuum degree., FUNCTION The Fengyu Dry Air Generator is designed to efficiently overcome the dangers associated with the operation and maintenance of electrical equipment like transformers and reactors by blowing 0.02-0.03Mpa dry air into the equipment. It can also be used to dry other electrical apparatuses before injecting insulating oil. It may serve as air-conditioner for workshops as well. Fengyu Dry Air Generator adopts low pressure, condensation technique, with the benefit of its small dimension, light weight, easy operation, energy saving and reliability., Technical performance Fengyu SF6 Retrieving Device can be used to extract, liquefy and store SF6 gas from the insulating equipment. The quality of the retrieved SF6 gas complies with Chinese GB8905-88 standard. To extract air and water from the equipment after maintenance. To store the SF6 gas after it goes through the drying and filtration process. To gasify the liquefied SF6and and fill up the insulating equipment again from the storage vessel; The drying and filtration device can be activated and reused. It is equipped with flexible pipes and joints for retrieving, storing and refilling processes. General composition Fengyu SF6 Retrieving Device is composed of retrieving, filling, filtration, vacuuming, storing and controlling systems. The device has thee strong design features, rust proof, shock proof, and reliability. Operational and maintenance ease. Rotary parts are well protected for safety. Additional Features Feature to check vacuum pressure for the retrieving device, including its storage vessels and pipes; Checks vacuum pressure for the insulation equipment Retrieves and store SF6 gas and checks the remaining vacuum pressure of all the insulation equipment; Eliminates water content and other particles in the SF6gas with filtration and purification process; Refill up the SF6 gas into the insulating equipment to specified operating pressure Well designed in both a vertical or horizontal way, with all connecting joints reliably fastened, well sealed piping system that is airtight and dust proof.
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China Manufacturer
1) Adopt professional PTC generate heat. High precision IC circuit is controlled, intensifies the fast automatic constant temperature. Temperature control stepping also adjustable in succession. 2)6 heat settings for all hair types. The maximum temperature is 200 degree and the minumum temperature is 80 degree. 3)Ceramic eliminates damaging hot spots. 4)On/Off and temperature adjustment switches. 5)Ceramic quickly radiates far-infrared heat that penetrates the center of the hair shaft, exposing hair to less heat preserving its natural moisture and luster. 6)Available in 9,13,16,19,22,25,28,31,34 mmbarrel sizes. 7)360 swivel cord., 1)this is an excellent hair dryer for used in salon. 2)super-low noise patent design. 3) anti-sweaty design on the handle 4) high performance of low noise and long life motor. whole product long term use 5) high output motor with removable and washable air intake filter. 6)2 temperature settings,2 motor speeds. 7) ionic generator for anti-static, smooth, shiny hair. 8) 2 concentrator nozzle sizes for professional styling results..
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China Manufacturer
* 110/ 220/240V 50/60Hz 1400W * Capacity: 4 KG * PTC heating element * Unique thermometric protection device * High-speed rotating turbo-fan * Stainless steel drum * Special safety switch on door * Variable heating selector * Five drying options * Adjustable leveling legs * Wall mountable * Double-layer lint filter. * Disinfection the clothes to be clean and healthy.
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