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List of Silk & Fabrics Suppliers by Category

Lists of Hong Kong & China Silk & Fabrics Manufacturers, Suppliers, Traders & Exporters are sorted out for your reference. Please have a look and inquire now respectively.
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  • Smartex International Ltd.

    Smartex was established in 1995 by our Managing Director, Mr. Ernie Poon. We started to work with U.S. buyers directly since 1997 and have been ... - Hong Kong Silk & Fabrics supplier

  • Maxvast Limited

    Maxvast is formed by Maxvast Limited , Kit Ming Knitting Factory and Eam Clothing Limited . > Maxvast is the headquarter which ... - Hong Kong Silk & Fabrics supplier

  • Ho Fat Textile Limited

    Ho Fat Textile Limited has been established from 1991. > > We provide woven fabric such as twill, cavalry, satin, denim, herringbone, canvas, ...

    Hong Kong Silk & Fabrics supplier

  • Suzhou Dongchen Silk Co., Ltd.

    Suzhou Dongchen Silk Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou City of the Yangtze River Delta. We are about 100km away from the biggest port of export of ... - China Silk & Fabrics supplier

  • Agt International Co. Ltd.

    The combination of knitting fabrics, breathable fabrics, yoga fabrics technology and healthy living has always been the principle goal of the AGT ... - Taiwan Silk & Fabrics supplier

  • Guangzhou Huiying Import&Export Trading Co.,LTD

    Guangzhou Huiying Import&Export Trading Co.,LTD Mr. Ximin Zhang, General Manager

    China Silk & Fabrics supplier

  • Tai Hing Linings Co., Ltd.

    We, Tai Hing Linings Co. Ltd . is the leading woven fabric supplier in Hong Kong, mainly to offshore apparel manufacturers in the North American ... - Hong Kong Silk & Fabrics supplier

  • Heaven Silk Quilt Co., Ltd

    heaven silk quilt co.,ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of home textile products with > > the highest quality and reasonable prices.The ... - China Silk & Fabrics supplier

  • Silkohol Textile Co., Ltd

    Silkohol Textile Co.,Ltd was established in 1992, which was located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. where is famous as the capital city of ... - China Silk & Fabrics supplier

  • Nevres Textile

    We are established in an area of 22,000 m2. > we are using knitting machines,dying,printing, finishing, fixing machines. > Our mission is to ... - Turkey Silk & Fabrics supplier

  • Di-Eagle Textiles Company

    Di-Eagle Textiles Company, a leading company in silk industry, is a well-established wholesaler, importer and exporter in woven fabrics. We are a ... - Hong Kong Silk & Fabrics supplier

  • Wuxi Chuntian Textiles

    We sell: > 100% linen flax 9x9/44x43 54/55 > 100% linen flax 14x14/54x54 54/55 > 100% ramie 21x21/52x58 55/56 > 100% ramie 21x21/60x60 55/56 > ... - China Silk & Fabrics supplier

  • Jiangsu Sanyou Fabric

    We supply: > 100% polyester fabric,Polyester satin,Crepe satin,Dull satin,Bridal satin, > Spandex satin,Chemurse satin,Twisted satin.Jacquard ...

    China Silk & Fabrics supplier

  • Eximgo Center

    Ms. Trang Vu, Center Manage

    http://EXIMGO.VN - Vietnam Silk & Fabrics supplier

  • Asia-crafts & Furniture Co., Ltd

    WELCOME TO ASIA-CRAFTS ! > > We are honored to introduce ourselves. ASIA CRAFTS & FURNITURE COMPANY LIMITED (ASIA-CRAFTS CO., LTD) is one of the ... - Vietnam Silk & Fabrics supplier

  • Zhejiang Imp And, Ltd

    our company established in the year 1993, which is specialize in many different style of good quality silk. > > We are an integrated foreign ...

    China Silk & Fabrics supplier

  • Huzhou Wuzhou Silk Co., Ltd.

    Wuzhou Silk is located in Huzhou, Zhejiang province, China, where is the origin of ancient silk road lies in the centre of the "Hang-Jia-Hu" plain. ... - China Silk & Fabrics supplier

  • Asia Polytex Limited

    We are Asia Polytex Limited,one of the biggest Chinese supplier,located in Shanghai,professionally manufacture textile raw material.We specially ...

    China Silk & Fabrics supplier

  • B Global Co., Ltd.

    B Global is the group of Manufacturer, Exporter and Trader based on Bangkok, specialize both traditional and contemporary in Thai handicraft, home ... - Thailand Silk & Fabrics supplier

  • Right System Textile Limited

    Weihai Quanrun Silk Co.,Ltd. is a big silk manufacturer integrating silk-weaving, scouring , bleaching, printing etc.. It has a holding company of ... - Hong Kong Silk & Fabrics supplier

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