TESTIMONIALS - What our members often say?

Throughout the years, Tradeeasy assisted tens of thousands international buyers with their sourcing needs.

So what's so good about us?

You don't have to take our words for it, let's hear what our members often says.

Big Baby (Sweden)

"It saved very much time having all those suppliers come to us and being able to meet them at a fast and efficient way."

Big Baby (Sweden)
CUDO (Australia)

"It seems like a very good source of information"

Charles Hunter/CUDO (Australia)
Impresa IDF (Italy)

"If we did a good input and a good selections before the meeting you can actually find some very suitable suppliers in a short period of time. So we think it's very valuable."

Ilaria Galimberti/Impresa IDF (Italy)
Luxe Deluxe (Australia)

"We are highly impressed! Follow up was extraordinary!"

Susie Francis/Luxe Deluxe (Australia)
Mode Spiegel (Germany)

"Great and easy way to look for new suppliers!"

Peter Zacharies /Mode Spiegel (Germany)
Simona (Australia)

"To screen who we should see is a great help to us!"

John Recek/Simona (Australia)
Sprider Lugani (Germany)

"We know Tradeeasy for almost 10 years, and we are very happy for them. They gave us very good contact. All your coordination is really great!"

Gabriela koester/Sprider Lugani (Germany)
Tokyo Jane (Denmark)

"Met some really good suppliers. It's a very effective way to get to know a lot of them to make your decision on one day. It's really nice that you get someone to do the worst screening!"

Nielsen/Tokyo Jane (Denmark)
Victorio Angelotti (USA)

"You only brought me best of the best!"

Jacques Bagdetti/Victorio Angelotti Group LLC (USA)
Zapa (France)

"Tradeeasy is totally different because I think this sourcing is more adapted to reality. First it's human contact between suppliers and tradeeasy which makes the linke and the customer. Second, its more adapted to the real need to the customer."

Dan Benayon/Zapa (France)
Good Boy (Germany)

"Now when I get known Tradeeasy. It's getting much more simple for me to visit, to see new factories, new suppliers. This is much more simple and makes my work much more easier than before."

Ulf Jahncke/Good Boy GmbH (Germany)