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China Manufacturer
1. Proximity contactless smart card: 1. ISO14443 protocol 2. Size: 85.5*53.9*0.76mm 3. Full color printing, silk printing    2. Specifications: 1. Material: Pvc, PET, ABS 2. Dimension: CR80: 86*54MM 3. Thickness: 0.7-0.9mm 4. Printing: Full color printing, silk printing 5. Personalized: Abnormity card 3. Contact Detail:  H-RFID Information Technology Co., Ltd Address Yinhe Building, 2008  Xinluo str. High-tech District, Jinan 250101  Shandong Province, China Mob +8615069005136(Jenny Xu) Office 0531-88118020-833 Skype sdmwrfid06
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Hong Kong Manufacturer
Rohs, Ce, UI, ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Depends On Different Items
2-3 weeks
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China Manufacturer
Model Number :Samsung MLT-D105 Toner chip Yield page:2,5k(BK) Cartridge No: MLT-D105 Use In: Samsung SF650P,ML-1910/1900/1915/2580/SCX4600/4606/4623 Samsung 1666 CHN NEW MLT-D104S Samsung 1911 CHN NEW Samsung 4623  will coming soon chip&cd Samsung SCX-4200 (CHN,KOR,EXP) SCX-4200D3 BK    3K Samsung ML-2150/2550/2151/2152 (CHN,KOR,EXP) ML2150D8 BK   5K/8K Samsung ML-2250/2251/2252/2255 (CHN,KOR,EXP) ML2250D3 BK  8K/10K Samsung SCX-4520/4720 (CHN,KOR,EXP) SCX-4720D3 BK    3K/5K Samsung ML-2550/2551/2552 (CHN,KOR,EXP) ML-2550DA BK    10K Samsung ML-3560/3561N (CHN,KOR,EUR) ML3560DA/DB BK 6K/12K Samsung ML-2850/2851 (CHN,KOR,EXP) ML-D2850B BK 5K Samsung ML-3050/3051 (CHN,KOR,EXP) ML-D3050B  BK    3K/8K Samsung SCX-5530/5525 (CHN,KOR,EXP) SCX-D5530DA/DB BK 4K/8K Samsung ML-3470D/3471ND (CHN,KOR,EXP) ML-D3470DA/DB BK 4K/10K Samsung 6320/6220(CHN,KOR,EXP) SCX-6320D8 BK 8K Samsung SCX-4500/ML-1630 (CHN,KOR,EXP) ML-D1630A BK 2K Samsung ML-4550/4050/4551 (CHN,KOR,EXP) ML-D4550DB BK 20K Samsung SCX-4725 (CHN,KOR,EXP) SCX-D4725A  BK    3K Samsung ML-5100/SF560/555P/808(Fuser) ML5100 BK 6K Samsung SF-560R/SF-565PR (CHN,KOR,EXP) SF-560RA BK 3K Samsung 1641/1640/2241/2240/2245(CHN,KOR,EXP,EUR) New 108 BK chip&cd Samsung 4300(CHN,KOR,EXP,EUR) New 109 BK chip&cd Samsung 4824FN/4826FN/4828FN new 209 BK chip&cd Samsung SCX 4824/4828 MODULE BK permanent Samsung 1641/1640/2241/2240/2242/2245 MODULE BK permanent Samsung 4300 MODULE BK permanent Samsung CLP310/315 MODULE
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China Manufacturer
Technical discription: layer:8 material:FR4 Board thickness:1.0mm Surface finish:immersion gold Min hole:0.1mm(4mil) Min line space and width:0.1mm/0.1mm(4mil/4mil) Special requirement:buried and blind via+ controlled impedance RoHS, Technical discription Layer: 12 material:FR4 Board thickness: 1.6mm Surface finish:HASL Min through hole:0.1mm(4mil) Min line width:0.075mm(3mil) Min line space:0.1mm(4mil) Special requirements:buried and blind via +controlled impedance RoHS
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