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List of Decorative Lighting Suppliers by Category

Lists of Hong Kong & China Decorative Lighting Manufacturers, Suppliers, Traders & Exporters are sorted out for your reference. Please have a look and inquire now respectively.
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  • J.M. Development Ltd.

    We are a lighting products manufacturer. Our factory is located in Guangdong province, mainland China and passed factory audits by Disney, STR, V- ... - Hong Kong Decorative Lighting supplier

    [Related Categories: LED Light, Night Light, Wall Lamp]
  • RHJ Lighting Ltd.

    RHJ Lighting Ltd is an export-oriented company established in Hong Kong since 1984. We specialize in designing as well as manufacturing domestic ... - Hong Kong Decorative Lighting supplier

    [Related Categories: Ceiling Lighting, Table Lamp, Lampshades]

  • Pekhai Trading Co., Ltd.

    We, The Pekhai Trading Co., Ltd., Established Office In Hong Kong In 1950 With An Authorized Capital Of Hk$1, 000, 000.00 And The Current Assets ... - Hong Kong Decorative Lighting supplier

    [Related Categories: LED Light, Flood Light, Garden Lighting]

  • Think Development Limited

    We design. We manufacture. We trade. > > Please see our product line below: > &bull Various Gifting > &bull Home decoration such as candle ... - Hong Kong Decorative Lighting supplier

    [Related Categories: Porcelain Lamp, Night Light, Desktop Lighting]
  • Chane Hua Electrical Company Limited

    Chane Hua Electrical Co., Ltd . is the sister company of Tung Ming Electrical Co., Ltd . in Taiwan, a pioneer in making Christmas lighting ... - Hong Kong Decorative Lighting supplier

  • Marca-Lighting.Ltd

    Marca- Lighting Ltd. has been a key international player in the field of entertainment lighting design and manufacture established in 2003 > > ... - China Decorative Lighting supplier

  • Kingcap Technology Co., Ltd.

    KINGCAP LED specializes in the manufacturing and exportation of Retrofit LED Lighting Products which could be used on existing facilities (e.g. LED ...

    Hong Kong Decorative Lighting supplier

  • DLite Corporation Limited

    DLite Corporation Limited was established in 2010. With the motto of "Save our Earth, brighten your Life!&rdquo, DLite aims at designing products ... - Hong Kong Decorative Lighting supplier

  • Shenzhen Staray Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

    Staray has devoted itself to development and manufacture of the laser show systems of all ranges by applying the latest technology. Since the ... - China Decorative Lighting supplier

  • Matrix Lighting Ltd.

    Viribright is a brand of Matrix Lighting Ltd. which is a subsidiary of Matrix Holdings Limited. Matrix Holdings Limited was established in 1979 ... - Hong Kong Decorative Lighting supplier

  • Zhongshan Huanzuan Lighting

    Zhongshan Guzhen Huan Zuan Lighting factory located in China Lighting Capital, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan, is specialized in the star hotels, hotel ... - China Decorative Lighting supplier

  • Smart Shine Lighting Factory

      Smart Shine Technology Co;Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of LED lights, including led tubes, ball bulbs, floodlights, ceiling lights, led ... - China Decorative Lighting supplier

  • Mf Lighting Co., Ltd

    MF Lighting offer LED Bulbs, led spot light, led strip,led desk lamp, desk lamp, table lamp and so on. Mr. Hemmer - China Decorative Lighting supplier

  • Cyber Led Lighting Co Ltd.

    Shenzhen Cyber-LED Lighting Co. Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise, specialized in R&D, production and sales of LED lighting fixtures , concerned with ... - China Decorative Lighting supplier

  • Guangzhou Starcolor Optoelectronic Lamp Co., Ltd.

    Guangzhou Starcolor Optoelectronic Lamp Co.,Ltd. > We are an integrated high-tech enterprise integrating the R&D, production, marketing and ... - China Decorative Lighting supplier

  • Guangzhou Yilong Stage Light Factory

    Established in 2006, Guangzhou Yilong Stage Light Factory,located in Baiyun district,Guangzhou which is the combination of development, production ...

    China Decorative Lighting supplier

  • Shenzhen Xianyu Opto-electronics Co., Ltd

    Shenzhen XianYu Opto-electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 1, 2007, is the professional design and production of LED application ... - China Decorative Lighting supplier

  • Orientshine Lighting Co., Limited

    OrientShine Lighting Co., Limited is located in Dongguan,Guangdong Province of China,which is specialize in designing and manufacturing Christmas ... - China Decorative Lighting supplier

  • Shenzhen Fuzhe Technology Co., Ltd

    Fuzhe Technology, founded in 2008 in Shenzhen, China. We aim ourselves to be a high quality Green laser modules(532nm), Red laser modules(635nm, ... - China Decorative Lighting supplier

  • Longxing Lighting Ltd

    Longxing Lighting Ltd. is a professional supplier of plasma, neon and lava lamps, fiber optic lamps and other novel lamps. We have our own ... - China Decorative Lighting supplier

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