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List of Desktop Lighting Suppliers by Category

Lists of Hong Kong & China Desktop Lighting Manufacturers, Suppliers, Traders & Exporters are sorted out for your reference. Please have a look and inquire now respectively.
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  • RHJ Lighting Ltd.

    RHJ Lighting Ltd is an export-oriented company established in Hong Kong since 1984. We specialize in designing as well as manufacturing domestic ... - Hong Kong Desktop Lighting supplier

  • J.M. Development Ltd.

    We are a lighting products manufacturer. Our factory is located in Guangdong province, mainland China and passed factory audits by Disney, STR, V- ... - Hong Kong Desktop Lighting supplier

    [Related Categories: LED Light, Decorative Lighting, Night Light]
  • Pekhai Trading Co., Ltd.

    We, The Pekhai Trading Co., Ltd., Established Office In Hong Kong In 1950 With An Authorized Capital Of Hk$1, 000, 000.00 And The Current Assets ... - Hong Kong Desktop Lighting supplier

  • Think Development Limited

    We design. We manufacture. We trade. > > Please see our product line below: > &bull Various Gifting > &bull Home decoration such as candle ... - Hong Kong Desktop Lighting supplier

  • Windix Industries Ltd.

    Windix was founded in 1988, a Hong Kong base company with own factory located in DongGuan China. The factory has occupied and area of 210,000 ... - Hong Kong Desktop Lighting supplier

    [Related Categories: LED Light, Night Light]
  • Kingcap Technology Co., Ltd.

    KINGCAP LED specializes in the manufacturing and exportation of Retrofit LED Lighting Products which could be used on existing facilities (e.g. LED ...

    Hong Kong Desktop Lighting supplier

  • John & Anthony Electronics Manufacturer Ltd.

    At John & Anthony Electronics Manufacturer , our aim is to strive for continuing the excellence tradition of over 40 years in lighting business, ... - Hong Kong Desktop Lighting supplier

  • DLite Corporation Limited

    DLite Corporation Limited was established in 2010. With the motto of "Save our Earth, brighten your Life!&rdquo, DLite aims at designing products ... - Hong Kong Desktop Lighting supplier

  • Spc Optoelectronics Co., Ltd

    SPC Lighting, China's leading manufacturer which is a division of Shinningpc Enterprises specializes in the manufacturing of Fluorescent, ... - China Desktop Lighting supplier

  • Vertical Technology Union Co., Ltd.

    Established in 2005, Vertical Technology Union Co., Ltd. has been specialized in developing and manufacturing LED lighting products for 4 years. ... - China Desktop Lighting supplier

  • Acmelite Lighting Co., Limited

    China Acmelite Electric Co., Limited is a professionla and large-scale manufacturer and exporter of lighting fixtures in Zhejiang province since ... - China Desktop Lighting supplier

  • 7 Brother (hongkong) Co., Ltd

    7 Brother (HongKong) Co.,ltd, a sino Japan cooperation company is one of main professional company in LED series products. Based on high quality ... - China Desktop Lighting supplier

  • Shenzhen Dincheng Plastic And Metal Factory

    The Light Panel LED book light is a completely new way to use light for reading and is fully portable and lightweight. > Just place it on the book ... - China Desktop Lighting supplier

  • Sunshine Solar Manufactory

    Qingdao Sunshine Solar Manufactory specializes in the production and sales of solar lights, solar mobile phone charger, solar lantern and other ... - China Desktop Lighting supplier

  • PQS Lighting Co., Ltd

    Ms. Linda Zhou

    China Desktop Lighting supplier

  • Wing Shing Lighting Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    WING SHING, a reputable brand name for professional lighting, has been offering premium quality products worldwide for over 35 years. Renowned for ... - Hong Kong Desktop Lighting supplier

  • Crestand Company Ltd

    Crestand Company Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter founded in 1988 and based in Hong Kong with their vertical scale production plant in GuangDong ... - Hong Kong Desktop Lighting supplier

  • Wealth Ocean Industrial Limited

    We are a manufacturer at China, Mainly production are electronic toys. Also OEM & ODM projects are most welcome. Products included walkie talkie ...

    India Desktop Lighting supplier

  • Carolina Co Ltd

    James Cheung

    Hong Kong Desktop Lighting supplier

  • SAK International Industries (HK) Ltd.

    We are Manufacturer & Exporter with factory in China and office in Hong Kong. We produce consumer electronics like radios, table lamp, beauty ... - Hong Kong Desktop Lighting supplier

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